The advantages and characteristics of spiral oil press

Release time:2023-03-03        Click amount:334        By:Ms. Christine Di

Principle of spiral oil press: The processed oil enters the pressing chamber, and under the continuous push of the screw shaft, the pressing is carried out. The material embryo in the material embryo, the material embryo in the pressing chamber, the material embryo and the screw shaft produce huge friction. Because the diameter of the root circle of the pressing screw is gradually increasing, and the pitch is gradually reducing, so when the pressing screw rotates, the thread can push the material embryo forward and flip it out. At the same time, the material layer close to the pressing screw thread surface also rotates with the pressing shaft, and the oil protein destroys the colloid, thus squeezing out the oil.

The spiral oil press is easy to use and the price is relatively low. The spiral oil press produced by our manufacturer overcomes the problem of low oil yield in the past. The oil material that can be used by the spiral oil press includes peanuts, soybeans, oil sunflower, rapeseed, walnuts, cottonseed, and so on. The characteristics are: large processing capacity, low oil temperature when the machine presses, high oil yield, low residual oil, processed oil color light, good quality, rich nutrition.

Screw oil press covers an area of small, high production efficiency, with exquisite selection of materials, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, reliable quality, simple operation, energy saving and other advantages, more automatic temperature control, a squeeze net, high oil yield, vacuum filtration, high production efficiency of special advantages. After vacuum filtration, the oil from multi-stage pressing is fragrant, attractive, pure, safe and hygienic, and can be eaten directly or sold in bottles.

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